100% me 10th Anniversary: Andrew Triggs Hodge Interview

As part of the 100% me 10th anniversary celebrations Andrew Triggs Hodge, double Olympic rowing champion, describes why he believes it’s the best anti-doping education programme in the world.

  1. In the last ten years how do you think the 100% me programme has changed?

Andrew: “I think it is recognised as one of the world’s best anti-doping education programmes. “100% me has continued to evolve to meet the needs of the athletes and every time they have come to see us there is a new slant or angle. “I think that is one of the strengths of the system that the programme constantly attempts to be better, reaching more athletes each year and spreading the word that clean sport is the only way forward. It is a flagship programme for the nation and UK Anti-Doping.”

  1. How does the programme go about spreading its message?

Andrew: “There is a website, there are leaflets and most importantly there are individuals that you can contact if you have any questions or if you would like to find out any background information. They will come out to deliver talks to you at national clubs and they try to get to every major sport, you can’t really get away from them now which is great.”

  1. Are athletes able to easily receive information on the programme from within their sport?

Andrew: “Each individual sport and National Governing Body has an anti-doping Educator who is able to deliver up to date educational information from the programme. For example, within rowing we have not only got a team doctor who is one hundred per cent up to date on information from 100% me, but we have a couple of coaches who are designated anti-doping Educators. The anti-doping Educators transmit the latest anti-doping education to all involved in the sport, from those leaving school and/or University to those who have been involved in the sport for ten years. They disseminate the latest information so that everyone is completely up-to-date.”

  1. How effective is the 100% me programme in educating young athletes regarding anti-doping?

Andrew: “100% me has bred a culture. It isn’t just about ticking the box – people are now proud to wear the 100% me badge on their t-shirt. When you create a culture in sport is where you really start to make the difference. In some of the more vulnerable sports you may have vulnerable youngsters with fellow athletes who aren’t quite as accepting of the 100% me idea. However, it is definitely moving into those fields and creating a culture in itself rather than just an idea that is promoted by an organisation.”


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