Educate the Educator

Earlier this week UKAD’s Education team played host to the second annual Educator’s Forum in sunny Solihull.

What is the Educator’s Forum we hear you cry? And what is an Educator?

Well, a UKAD Educator is someone who works for a national governing body of sport, a university or another one of our partner organisations, who can educate athletes on anti-doping through fun, interactive and thought-provoking sessions.

Alongside our National Trainers and hundreds of Anti-Doping Advisors, they form a crucial part of UKAD’s nation-wide Education Delivery Network, whose one goal is to make sure athletes are fully prepared for life in the competitive, and clean, sporting environment.

Their collective mantra is promoting positive attitudes and values to athletes and supporting them to make the right choices in their careers and compete clean.

In fact some might say that with their sport-specific knowledge, they are on the frontline of the war on doping in sport; every day they are fighting the good fight for clean sport, at the very heart of the sports industry.

Just like a sports scientist, a nutritionist, a physio or a psychologist, they are integral to an athlete’s development. They are a key piece of an athlete’s arsenal, ensuring that they are in the best possible position to compete, and win, clean.

Nicola Newman, UKAD’s Director of Communications and Education explained the importance of the Educator’s Forum and its role in the supporting and developing clean athletes:

“The Educator’s Forum is a time to bring all sport-specific knowledge together, to discuss how the sports themselves are contributing to the vision of clean sport in the UK. It’s a chance for sports to learn from each other, share ideas and debate the current issues and challenges within the anti-doping landscape.

“At this year’s Forum we had representatives from 32 different sports, universities and partner organisations. There was debate around new ideas and importantly everyone was learning from each other.

“In our mission to protect clean sport and protect the rights of clean athletes, UKAD recognises the need to engage with, and support, partners and NGBs. We are working hard to develop effective anti-doping programmes, and the Educator’s Forum plays a vital part of that.”

If you would like to learn more about the Education Delivery Network or are interested in becoming an Anti-Doping Advisor, visit the Education section of the UKAD website –


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